Build Your Company Culture From The Top Down

Through decades of experience, research and analysis, Intégro has developed a range of programs, models, surveys and analytical frameworks that help organisations transform the performance of leaders, managers and employees at all levels. As leaders you can use The Trust Inside Assessments to give you a clear view of each and every facet of your organisation.

In all of our work, we consistently operate from the premise that trust is the foundation of all successful working relationships and that a team of passionate employees will always deliver superior results.

The Trust Inside Application Suite

Employee Passion Survey

Leaders and managers need to look beyond engagement and instead assess how passionate people are about the organisation itself.  Their emotional connection to the organisation makes a crucial difference and will positively impact the bottom line.

Team Alignment Survey

Teams that are in alignment on their strategic objectives will outperform teams who lack alignment. A high level of trust in teams enables team members to have the conversations they need to have to achieve alignment.

Flexibility and Trust Survey

Agile leaders and managers create agile organisations.  Agility requires a high level of flexibility and emotional intelligence and the ability to build trust-based relationships.  You can measure flexibility and trust-building ability in one assessment and have your managers and leaders on the right path to being more agile.

The Process

The Assessment

All three assessments are completed in a secure, confidential online platform environment and take no more than 15 minutes to complete.

The Results

Are delivered in an easy to read report with graphs and charts to explain the outcomes and provide interpretation where necessary. Individual responses are kept confidential and secure to ensure honest feedback.

The Debrief

A full debrief is provided by a Certified Intégro Associate to the appropriate people, complete with workbooks and Development Notes to ensure meaningful action plans.

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