Building Trust with Everything DiSC® Facilitator Pack

Everyone knows that trust is an essential foundation for effective teamwork.  The Intégro Trust Model™ when integrated with Everything DiSC ® creates a powerful yet simple tool that helps team members clearly see what they can do to build trust and work more effectively together in any circumstance. Keith Ayers has developed a short course for facilitators and you can purchase the Facilitator Pack and use it to run an insightful workshop with teams so they can learn how to "Build Trust with DiSC" in the workplace.


Keith has created a Facilitator Pack that will enable you to run your own workshops and in turn enable participants to understand how The Intégro Trust Model™ integrates with Everything DiSC® . This additional tool will expand the use of Everything DiSC® in normal workplace situations. The only prerequisite is the completion of an Everything DiSC® profile. The workshop can be provided either face to face or online and we recommend the Building Trust with DiSC Workshop be held after your Everything DiSC® debrief with participants, it only requires two hours and has been designed for maximum interaction throughout.
The Facilitator Pack contains the following:
• Facilitator Guide and participant Workbook
• PowerPoint files for use with Catalyst or Standard Everything DiSC
• Instruction MP4 Recording of Keith running an online Workshop
• MP4 recordings – Building Trust with DiSC webinar, Behaviours that Build Trust, Intégro Trust Model, and People Skills Model
• PDFs x 8 – Fillable Action Plans, Continua for Catalyst, Continua for Everything DiSC, Poster printable PDFs for the Intégro Trust Model and People Skills Model, Poll Question for online, and a pre-reading document titled The Behaviours that Build Trust.


Follow this link to our shop and once you have purchased the pack ($250 plus gst) you will be emailed a link to download everything you need to run the workshop.  We will be here to answer any questions you may have and support you in any way you need to run these powerful workshops with your Everything DiSC® participants.

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