What is PXT Select™ Certification?

The PXT Select™ Certification takes your knowledge to a deeper level, giving you the content expertise and strategies you need to become an expert on how to use and implement this powerful tool. Our online program gives you the flexibility of self-paced learning paired with a live, virtual classroom experience where you will gain foundational knowledge and practical experience to implement PXT Select in your organisation.


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Note: This course is intended for talent management experts, HR executives, and key decision makers in organisations currently using PXT Select. If you are interested in offering PXT Select to your clients, please contact us.

Why Get Certified with PXT Select?

Be recognised as the Talent Management expert in your organisation who closes the talent gap. While certification is not a requirement to bring PXT to your workplace, completing a certification course signifies a proven level of capability and expertise in the PXT Select solution and its comprehensive suite of reports.

A Valuable Credential

Participants receive the Expert Practitioner Certification credential, bringing them the confidence and the credibility they need to deliver a best in class hiring and selection tool to their organisation.

Depth of Knowledge

Participants learn from our team of Education Specialists to develop deeper knowledge and expertise in the PXT Select tool, and navigate challenging scenarios that might arise in the hiring and selection space.

Lasting Impact

The course provides strategies to address the specific needs hiring managers have throughout the hiring and selection process so they can implement more effective talent management strategies.

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