Posters – High Resolution Printable PDF

$50.00 each +GST

$50.00 +GST
$50.00 +GST
$50.00 +GST
$50.00 each +GST
$50.00 +GST


Intégro Posters support your training and help participants understand these important models. Display them in your training room.

  • Intégro Posters are supplied as a high-quality printable PDF.
  • Organise your local printer to print the Posters in A1 size (59.4 x 84.1cm, 23.39 x 33.11 inches)
  • Included with the poster you will receive a PowerPoint slide with the animated model that you can use in your presentations.


DiSC Theory

Everything DiSC is based on the widely used psychological model, the Interpersonal Circumplex. DiSC is a needs-driven behavioural model that identifies the psychological needs that drive our behaviour every day.  Participants in your Everything DiSC debrief sessions will benefit from seeing this model in A1 size in the training room.  Each DiSC Style has different needs that drive behaviours.

Personal Responsibility

This model explains clearly why employees avoid accepting responsibility. And it clearly outlines the work environment you must create to enable people to be both responsible and accountable.  Seeing the model in A1 size in your training space helps to reinforce the concepts of responsibility and accountability.

Change Cycles

When people see change as a threat, it triggers an emotional reaction. In simple terms, we can respond to change either negatively or positively. People tend to react to problems the same way they react to change. In fact, when a problem arises it is because something has changed.  This model helps your participants to understand the cycle of attitudes and behaviours they may need to work through to move from a maintenance cycle to a growth cycle and overcome the automatic response reactions that prevent seeing changes and problems as opportunities.

The Intégro Trust Model

Being trustworthy does not build trust – behaviour builds trust. This model outlines the four behaviours our research shows are guaranteed to build trust, and the values you need to cultivate to build a trust-based culture.  Trust is the basis to all healthy work relationships and this model shows your participants what they need to incorporate in their workplace relationships to build trust.  Coupled with DiSC Styles, this model shows each style what areas need additional focus and application.

The Whole Person Concept

To get the best out of people, you need to know what makes them tick. This conceptual model explains why people do what they do, and what you need to do to get the best out of everyone on your team.  Understanding the needs that drive our values and beliefs, thinking and feelings is the beginning to understanding our own and others behaviours.


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