Building Trust with DiSC Facilitator Pack

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Building Trust with Everything DiSC® Facilitator Pack

Intégro has been teaching the connection between the Behaviours that Build Trust and DiSC Styles for over 30 years.

Building Trust with DiSC teaches its participants the connection between understanding themselves through their Workplace DiSC Style and how The Intégro Trust Model and the Behaviours that Build Trust support them to build trust with their work colleagues.

Understanding the Behaviours that Build Trust

There are four behaviours that combine to create trust in what we say and do. Not our feelings or our intentions, only our actions. People trust you because of what you do. They don’t know about your feelings, your sincerity, or your good intentions. They only know and see what you do.

The four behaviours – acceptance, openness, congruence and reliability can be applied at work and in personal relationships. Those who apply these behaviours are the kind of person people want to work with and live with. Everyone wants to be associated with a person who is accepting, open, congruent and reliable.

The important fact is that three of the four behaviours are not enough. In order to build lasting, ongoing relationships, all four are necessary.

Participants who attend a Building Trust with DiSC Workshop (prerequisite is a Workplace Profile) learn how their DiSC Style integrates with the Behaviors That Build Trust and how it impacts their ability to build trust in their workplace relationships. They learn which behaviours are easy and which behaviours are not and how these impact their ability to build trust with others. The Intégro Trust Model highlights how we can all stretch ourselves out of the preferences of our DiSC Style and enhance our skills to build trust.

If you have a thriving Everything DiSC business, you will find the Building Trust with DiSC Facilitator Pack very supportive in teaching people how to use their DiSC style to enhance their relationships in the workplace. The Facilitator Pack provides you with all the support materials you need to run a session by showing how DiSC Styles and the Behaviors that Build Trust combine to enhance workplace relationships. The materials can be used with or Catalyst.

Pack Materials:

All materials are supplied via a Dropbox link for you to download.

  1. MP4 Files – there are recordings of a virtual workshop Keith Ayers held and a webinar. We have also included recordings of Keith explaining the Behaviors that Build Trust, The Intégro Trust Model and The People skills Model used in the workshops.
  2. PowerPoint Files – the pack includes PowerPoint files to enable you to run a Webinar, Face to Face Workshop or Virtual Workshop.
  3. Supporting material – A Facilitator’s Guide and Workbook for your sessions, pre-reading material for participants, poll questions for virtual workshops, action plan pdf document and poster quality pdfs of The Intégro Trust Model and People Skills Model are all included.


The pack is electronic. Once payment is received you will be emailed a link with access to the pack.


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