Please Select Your Everything DiSC Package | Full, Standard or Refresher | Integro.

Full Everything DiSC package – $3,450 + GST

This package includes the two-day accreditation program with the addition of:

  • A facilitation kit of your choice – Workplace, Productive Conflict, Management, Sales or Work of Leaders
  • QuickDiSC® Card set (for up to 20 participants)
  • DISC-in-Depth card set
  • EPIC account (online platform for administering the profiles)
  • 100 EPIC credits in your account (enough for six Workplace Profiles)

Standard Everything DiSC package – $1,950 + GST

This package would be appropriate for organisations that may already have a Facilitation Kit or an inbuilt program for you to work with. Otherwise for coaches that plan to work on a one on one basis or where DiSC is being used.

This package DOES NOT include handouts and PowerPoint Presentations that come with the Facilitation Kit and you would be required to create your own materials.

Refresher Everything DiSC package – $1150 + GST

If you became accredited in DiSC prior to 2013, and need a tune upon the latest adaptive testing assessment, why not attend the accreditation to refresh your knowledge and skill set. If you are DISC accredited with one of our competitors, call us to see if you are eligible for our refresher price.

Proof of accreditation is required to take up this offer.