Everything you need to get the most out of Everything DiSC

Everything DiSC is not like other DISC profiles or team management systems where a person goes through a training program, gets their results, and goes back to work. People who use other profiling systems may use some aspects of their profile at work, but they don’t have a tool that encourages them to use it on a daily basis as part of their work. The whole idea of MyEverythingDiSC.com is that when people go back to work they can access their profile at any time and explore a range of other applications, even on a smart phone or tablet.

Not only can they better understand their own profile and what it means for them, but they can also generate comparison reports with their coworkers, friends, or anyone who has completed an Everything DiSC profile. From their phone they can find a friend and send an invitation. Once they have the comparison report there are a range of options for how to make use of this information. They can ask themselves; “do I want to improve the relationship, manage tension, give them feedback, or get their buy-in to an idea I have?”.

MyEverythingDiSC.com outlines potential benefits and roadblocks to working with the other person, as well as offers tips for improving the relationship based on the differences between the two reports. It’s a practical tool that allows people to use what they learn in the program in a live way, on a day to day basis in their workplace.

That’s the magic of MyEverythingDiSC.com and no other profiling system has that.

Another great feature of the website is for sales people. If a sales person has done the Everything DiSC Sales Profile they can identify the behavioural style of their customer. The report that comes out – the Customer Interaction Map – will give them tips on how to best approach that customer, what their priorities are and how you need to adapt to focus on their priorities.

Those interested can explore the history of DISC or learn about the research behind it with videos and an interactive DiSC map.

All of these extra features are free and add substantial understanding to DiSC profiles for those who want to implement what they have learnt in their workplace.

Everything DiSC is not only a superior product to others on offer, it also comes with access to this interactive website with personalised information, which can be used to not only enhance what team members have learnt through completing their DiSC profile, but also allows them to put this information into practice. Its ability to assist people improve relationships with coworkers or friends is an innovative tool to continue to use DiSC long after completing the profile.

If you have already completed an Everything DiSC profile visit MyEverythingDiSC.com or contact your Everything DiSC provider for more information.

Keith Ayers – Monday, November 23, 2015