Intégro Health & Safety Statement

COVID-19 is a respiratory illness caused by a new virus. Symptoms include fever, coughing, a sore throat, and shortness of breath. The virus can spread from person to person. Currently, there is no treatment for COVID-19.

Intégro is taking every precaution to keep staff and clients safe. Including:

Ensuring the office is clean and hygienic.
Surfaces (e.g. desks and tables) and objects (e.g. telephones, keyboards) to be wiped with disinfectant three times per day.
Kitchen wiped down before and after use.


All staff have been educated in the new workplace Health & Safety requirements including:
- Using hand sanitiser or washing hands-on arrival into the workplace, before touching anything.
- Wiping desk area three times per day.
- Wiping kitchen down before and after use.
- Frequent hand washing throughout the day.

Staff are required to work from home (or take sick leave) if displaying any of the following symptoms:
- Fever 37.3
- Dry cough
- Sore throat
- Loss of taste or smell


Anyone attending an Integro event is required to follow the Physical /Social Distancing rules:
- Physical distancing is managed with a minimum of 1.5 meters per person in all areas of the office.
- All areas will allow for 4 square metres per person minimum.


- All Integro equipment including but not limited to, desks and door handles are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised daily before use and between courses.
- All common area surfaces are disinfected a minimum of 3 times a day.
- Hand sanitiser will be provided for each participant in the training room as well as in the reception area and kitchen.


Integro will provide fruit and package snacks for people to help themselves.


We will be encouraging participants to bring their own lunch.

Intégro will continue to monitor developments and maintain communication as required to all
participants, providing up-to-date information in relation to the coronavirus.

What Intégro is doing to protect you.

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