Hi Keith, 

I hope all is well and great to see the DiSC process is alive and still helping people understand behaviours. It was the early eighties, I believe when you presented to Datapoint Corporation. It had a profound effect on me, understanding my own profile and then giving me insight into other’s behavioural styles and how best to approach them, whether they were family, friends, colleagues, customers or prospects. I’m still working, selling and use that training everyday…thanks, Keith.

Thanks Candice, It’s been an absolute pleasure – the experience from start to finish with Intégro has been supremely professional and very customer focused, so thanks. Cheers Carrie – Principle Consultant Carrie and Co

YES!!!! I did it!!!! And I loved it!!! I finally took the certification exam last night and was thrilled to tick off 93% J

Thank you so much for the chats into the lead up into the Should I/Shouldn’t I do it? Is it for me? Questions that I had.

Well – my initial discussion with you really helped sell me into the idea and when I did the pre-work and attended the course I was Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Grateful!!!!

I absolutely loved it! The content is awesome – the delivery online and in-person during the facilitated part of the course we all amazing. The DiSC philosophy is so aligned with all of the work I do with my Exec Coaching clients.

Cathy Singleton was a magician. So lovely and so knowledgeable. The other participants were also great. I could not be happier with the experience I had.

So I also just wanted to reach out and say Thank You for your contribution in getting me across the line with this one. I am a big fan and I can’t wait to get out there and start growing the understanding and acceptance of others to build terrific workplace communication and relationships.


Have a great day and thank you once again.

Hi guys! 

Just wanted to give you some feedback that the board of Executives were Really impressed with the reports and the detail. Thank you so much. 

Thanks Keith… a worthwhile hour… and a great example of innovation in this time of CV19… I am still very fortunate here in WA… get to see people face to face… 😊

Keep well and my best wishes to your great team of people

“The greatest impact has been noticeable improvements in one-on-one relationship building. Understanding what drives and challenges one another has been insightful and has led to more constructive discussions and outcomes. During meetings there are clear agendas, a focus on priorities and healthy dialogue.

Differing learning styles have been identified and verbal communication has been modified accordingly to ensure everyone is accountable. The time taken to meet outside of the usual working environment, and challenge our thinking and habits, has been a worthwhile exercise and drives a culture of continuous improvement.” -Brendan Maher, R U OK?

“I have used it internally for one team so far and it has had a really huge impact. The team have stepped up and taken shared responsibility for team outcomes, holding each other accountable & following through on decisions they made in the course of the training.” – Frances, Mercy Community Services

“There isn’t a more straightforward method of identifying and adapting to the basics of human behavioural tendencies than DiSC. It has become a language within our company.” – Frank Reed, Talent & Development Manager—Fairfax Media

Over an 11 month self-paced learning program, participants learnt to develop leadership skills such as delegation, motivation, performance management, giving feedback, time management, setting targets and handling conflict.

The foundational unit for the learning program was Intégro’s Everything DiSC® Workplace Profile. Every participant completed the online profile which once presented by eMatrix, enabled them to understand their own behavioural style and those of their colleagues and clients.

Working with our partner, Intégro has enabled us to deliver the DiSC as a package – super efficient and professional – easy for staff to access, complete and understand.

It has also meant as facilitators, we are always up to date with the latest and greatest training techniques!

By employing the right staff and developing existing staff’s capabilities, Centrelink has been able to drive up employee productivity by giving them the skills required to complete their daily tasks more effectively.

“As an accredited DiSC® user, I have found that people love to learn more about themselves, and DiSC has been a great tool for our team members to do this. The knock-on effect has been that the more they learn about their own preferred behaviours, and how to adapt these when necessary, the better they understand and communicate with teammates.” – Diane Wise, Senior HR Consultant, Victorian Teachers Credit Union

I just wanted to pass on some positive feedback with regards to my recent experience with your team.

Jenny (and Kelley) has been very supportive, prompt and professional, particularly in accommodating the surveys and reports for our staff who have been on leave.

Having the logistically component of the process so well supported has largely contributed to the smooth and successful manner in which I have been able to assist the business through this exercise. I ended up facilitating four workshops with the groups of participants, all of whom found the process and the DiSC reports easy to follow, enjoyable and scarily accurate!

So thank you very much!

Intégro service and on-going support in the use of DiSC products is what sets them apart. As well as the depth of product knowledge / expertise.

No matter whether an urgent or standard request for products or support, I always receive prompt, professional, knowledgeable, friendly service and advice from staff across all areas of Intégro! I love the products I regularly use with clients and clients see immediate benefits to the individuals/business, once the product outcomes has been facilitated.

I have been working with Intégro products for over 23 years and have great trust in what they offer.