Find Out if Accreditation is Right for You

The Five Behaviors® Accreditation course will equip you with the knowledge, understanding and tools you need to use The Five Behaviors profiles in a wide variety of training, coaching and consulting applications.

Deliver The Five Behaviors® to Your Clients

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team program is very different than other team programs on the market. The Facilitator Accreditation will help you to hone your instincts for when to stick to the agenda and when to improvise, when to let a debate play out and when to cut it short.

Deliver The Five Behaviors® to Your Organisation

This course will help participants gain the skills needed to navigate teams by discussing issues that are preventing them from being truly cohesive. Being an accredited facilitator gives you more credibility with team leaders knowing that you have been trained to use the program.

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