Five Behaviours Testimonials

“The greatest impact has been noticeable improvements on one-on-one relationship building. Understanding what drives and challenges one another has been insightful, and has led to more constructive discussions and outcomes. During meetings there are clear agendas, a focus on priorities and healthy dialogue. Differing learning styles have been identified and verbal communication has been modified accordingly to ensure everyone is accountable. The time taken to meet outside of the usual working environment, and challenge our thinking and habits, has been a worthwhile exercise and drives a culture of continuous improvement.”

Brendan Maher, R U OK?

“I have used it internally for one team so far and it has had a really huge impact. The team have stepped up and taken shared responsibility for team outcomes, holding each other accountable & following through on decisions they made in the course of the training.”

Frances, Mercy Community Services

“I have attended and facilitated many leadership programs over many years and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team is one of the very few that I have seen to have lasting and significant effects of bringing teams together. The impact is sustainable and break through performance, where teams go on to produce great things that they could never achieve as a group of individuals”.

Derek, Executive Mind & Co

“As a learning development practitioner, I have used the Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team across several industry sectors including professional service firms, not-for-profit organsations and government agencies. The workshop always receives excellent feedback on its relevance, targeted development interventions and clear development actions. I would recommend the profile and program to teams looking to improve or develop their team behaviour and performance”

Peter Agnew, Director, People Development Australia.

“I have used the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team material with a variety of diverse teams. In all cases the teams have gone onto have an increased level of not only cohesiveness, but also enjoyed greater levels of success within their organisation. Notably barriers have broken down and meaningful communication has increased.”

Barb, Essentia Consulting

“Human Tribe first became accredited in Wiley’s 5 Behaviours of a Cohesive Team in 2014 and since that time, we’ve worked with dozens of intact working groups to help them become a more effective, high performing teams. 

The program is not just another training program, it’s a behavioural change workshop that genuinely changes the way a team engages and functions. It does call upon the Facilitator to use all of their skills and knowledge in order to achieve the desired outcome but with the right combination of the strong program and a strong Facilitator, you cannot go wrong. 

The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team has allowed Human Tribe to truly engage with our clients and provide real value. It is one of our core offerings and something we look forward to partnering with our clients on moving forward.”

Nicole Morris, Founder & CEO, Human Tribe

“The 5 Cohesive Behaviours program is one of the best tools for encouraging team discussion to get a range of issues from all team members out into the open. It provides a unparalleled basis for scoring and suggestions on the teams performance that lead to a depth of discussion not accessible in any other type of program. The resulting exploration of these issues provide the team with the clear actions needed to move to be highly aligned and engaged and perform to meet their full potential. Highly recommend it to anyone looking to achieve significant breakthroughs with their team.”

Andy, Attitudeworks