Everything DiSC® Certification | Refresher

This 3-hour virtual workshop has been developed specifically for people who have completed Intégro’s Everything DiSC Accreditation/Certification program after July 2009. Anyone who was certified/accredited before July 2009 is not eligible to attend the Refresher due to the number of significant changes that have been made to the profile – they will need to attend the full Everything DiSC Certification either online or in person.


As stated above, it is a prerequisite for attendance to have completed either the Accreditation/Certification programs with Intégro. We expect that people who attended their training more than 3 or 4 years ago would get the most benefit from attending this Refresher as significant research has been done, leading to a large number of changes.

  1. Must have completed Intégro’s DiSC Accreditation/Certification
  2. Have completed Accreditation/Certification after July 2009

Over the past 8 years, Wiley has conducted a significant amount of research on Everything DiSC resulting in the development of new activities, conceptual models, and application-specific profiles. The aim of this program is to provide facilitators and consultants who were accredited in DiSC some years ago with the opportunity to get up to speed on all this new material.


As a result of attending this program, you will be able to integrate new material into your DiSC sessions and have a better appreciation of how to keep DiSC alive with your clients.


Our classes are delivered using a platform called Zoom. Participants are sent a link one day before the program is due to start, and they log in by clicking a link. You will receive all the information you need from us, the day before class starts.

  • Computer with video capabilities
  • Headphones
  • Internet
  • An Everything DiSC Workplace Profile
  • An Everything DiSC Manual
  • DiSC Styles Expanded Booklet
  • Workbook

$500+ GST.

Click here to register for our online or in person Certification Click here for the cancellation policy.


I have been successfully using Everything DiSC with my clients for almost 10 years but knew I was ready for a refresher. Firstly, I was impressed with how the tools and technology had evolved recently. The session obviously covered the basics but I was particularly impressed by the highly skilled nuanced insights of Keith the presenter. It was exciting to learn new things – especially about the ways that Everything DiSC is a more reliable tool than others on the market I also enjoyed the practical activities that we completed with the other participants. Jenny Cole - Leadership Development and Coaching

Keith Ayers


28th Sept 2022

10:00am-1:00pm AEST

$500 + GST  

Bookings close two weeks prior to start date.

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