Everything DiSC®Certification prepares practitioners to deliver engaging and impactful DiSC® learning experiences that help people work better together. This holistic DiSC experience teaches the principles of Everything DiSC through a variety of applications and activities.

During the course, participants will:

  • Deepen their understanding of the DiSC® model, theory, research, and key principles.
  • Explore how to build custom solutions and deliver impactful DiSC experiences using the new Everything DiSC® on Catalyst™ learning experience.
  • Familiarise themselves with the full Everything DiSC application suite.
  • Practice facilitation and coaching techniques while receiving feedback in a safe environment.
  • Gain ongoing access to Wiley’s online training center which includes course content.

After completing Everything DiSC Certification, learners will be able to demonstrate:

  • A deep understanding of Everything DiSC and the personalised insights provided by the Catalyst platform and supporting reports.
  • Expertise in the Everything DiSC® model, theory, and research.
  • Confidence, competence, and credibility in delivering Everything DiSC solutions.
  • Ability to customise Everything DiSC programs to meet the needs of an individual, team, or organisation.

Suitable for coaches, facilitators, or trainers operating as an independent consultant or within a larger organisation.


Everything DiSC® Certification is a blended learning experience involving:

  • Self-directed online learning: Modularised, engaging activities that allow learners to absorb knowledge at their own pace. Online activities must be completed before the corresponding live classroom session. The pre-work will take 2-3 hours to complete.
  • Live classroom sessions: Two eight-hour, in-person, instructor-led sessions involving small-and large-group activities.
  • Application activities: Multiple opportunities for learners to apply Everything DiSC®, including activities focused on individual coaching, group/team facilitation, and workshop planning.

Everything DiSC Certification course overview



Delivered as face-to-face training over 2 days with an experienced Everything DiSC practitioner. It is compulsory that you attend both days of training and complete pre & post online work. You cannot achieve certification without all sections being completed. You will be asked to come to the program with a project team in mind that you plan to take through the Everything DiSC Profile. You will then use that team to apply what you are learning in the workshop, so you can leave with a program ready to go.

By registering, you are committing to:

  • Complete Catalyst Profile
  • Complete required pre-work on CrossKnowledge Platform
  • Attend the 2-day classroom session (8 hours each)
  • Present your workshop project and receive valuable feedback from your classmates
  • Take the final Certification Exam to measure understanding of the key Everything DiSC concepts (a passing score of 80% is required)

Upon successful completion of the certification course work and exam, participants will earn the credential of Everything DiSC Certified Practitioner - signalling proven compentence in shaping high-perfoming, collaborative cultures, knowledgeable in the language of DiSC.

  • Learners must bring a laptop or tablet (Mac or PC)  with internet connectivity to Day 1 and Day 2 of the course in order to engage on Catalyst and reference materials from the Online Training Center (phones are not always compatible with course components).
  • Ensure your Catalyst platform is accessible
  • Email safe sender list includes:

You will receive your Everything DiSC Training Center login two weeks before the classroom session begins. The pre-work will take 2-3 hours to complete.

  • Everything DiSC on Catalyst Facilitation Kit (highly recommended for the course; included in purchase price). The link to download will be sent post-certification.
  • 2 days of certification
  • EPIC account
  • 100 EPIC credits (enough for 6 Workplace profiles)
  • Quik DiSC cards (for up to 20 people)
  • DISC in-depth cards
  • Free access to e-book of Everything DiSC Manual
  • 2 days of certification
  • EPIC account
  • Free access to e-book of Everything DiSC Manual

Please refer to our full terms and conditions for all information regarding cancellations and rescheduling.

Call us immediately at 1800 222 902  if you are registered and need to reschedule.


Rather than focusing on a single application (Workplace), this new course is a holistic DiSC experience that teaches the principles of Everything DiSC through a variety of applications and activities.

Other notable differences:

  • Includes facilitation and coaching practice within the live curriculum so that participants can try out new techniques in a psychologically safe environment.
  • Integrates Everything DiSC on Catalyst to provide facilitators with the expertise they need to leverage the modular design of the kit and the on-demand access of the Catalyst platform.

Previous credentials earned remain valid.

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness Integro Learning Company runs facilitator training for Everything DiSC. I would not trust anyone else for this training. They have highly qualified, professional and expert facilitators and I especially enjoyed completing the training in person! The certification is a great way to delve deep into the research and resources behind Everything DiSC. I highly recommend doing your training with Intégro.

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

Intégro has been so supportive, I really appreciate how quick they are to respond to any questions. The platform is easy to use, and facilitation training for Everything DiSC was outstanding. Melinda Pinchien Google Review Feb 2021

Fresh back from my Everything DiSC Workplace Certification in Melbourne with a great group of industry experts and the wonderful trainer Mechelle Moore. I can't speak highly enough of this course from Intégro Learning Company, so much depth is Everything DiSC and the interest is rolling in already. So glad I have this certification in my toolbox. Thanks, Keith Ayers and team. 1st June 2022 Rod Buchecker - The Executive Connection 

If you prefer the online certification - click here for details

Cathy Singleton

Cliftons Brisbane, 24/288 Edward St, Brisbane City

8-9 May 2024


$4,100 + GST  BRISBANE
$2,350 + GST  Standard

Bookings close two weeks prior to start date.

Mechelle Moore

Cliftons Brisbane, 24/288 Edward St, Brisbane City

7-8 August 2024


$4,100 + GST  BRISBANE
$2,350 + GST  Standard

Bookings close two weeks prior to start date.

Cathy Singleton

Cliftons Brisbane, 24/288 Edward St, Brisbane City

6-7 November 2024


$4,100 + GST  BRISBANE
$2,350 + GST  Standard

Bookings close two weeks prior to start date.

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