7 Sept 2021 | The Culture Catalyst.  For years, Everything DiSC® has been enabling personal and cultural development through improving communication skills and interpersonal relationships.  Now, Everything DiSC has taken this offering a step further by introducing Everything DiSC® on Catalyst™, a learning experience designed specifically to prompt lasting and meaningful change within organisations. 

Everything DiSC helps people better understand themselves and the people they work with through an understanding of DiSC styles and their inherent behavioural preferences.  This allows individuals to build stronger relationships, which in turn fosters a healthy workplace culture and allows for improved business outcomes. 

However, culture doesn’t improve in a single event, or a single workshop, and so the need for a “Culture Catalyst” was evident.  Everything DiSC on Catalyst provides this through a personalised and interactive learning experience, encouraging lasting behavioural change, and accommodating the recent global shift to more flexible work environments by enabling online and self-directed learning.

Ongoing Learning

Catalyst is a personalised online learning platform that delivers the DiSC survey experience, multiple DiSC profiles (Workplace, Agile EQ, Productive Conflict and Management) and ongoing learning opportunities.  It educates participants on DiSC through a “closed universe” approach, connecting all participants within an organisation to one another so that they can understand their colleagues’ DiSC styles, learn about DiSC as it applies to their specific relationships and compare styles with one another to learn about their own relationships in a real-life setting. 

It is designed to engage everyone in building more effective relationships at work, by teaching people about themselves, and helping them to adapt to others in real-time and creating a pathway for continued learning in the organisation. 

The main feature allowing it to do this so effectively is the “Your Colleagues” section, which allows you to see the DiSC styles of the people you work with.  As you learn about the concepts of DiSC, you can apply this to your colleagues and understand how this looks in your own real-world situation.

Imagine the value of immediately knowing what’s important to your colleagues, what their strengths are and when you could benefit from pulling them into a discussion!

Further to these insights, Catalyst assists every member of your team and organisation to further develop their relationships with each other through Comparisons.  This works between any two individuals within an organisation to provide talking points and personalised tips for developing the most effective relationship possible through reflection on similarities and differences.

Creating a Safe Environment

This organisation-specific application of DiSC creates a safe and educational environment that allows your organisation to engage in a common learning experience, share informative insights with colleagues, and undergo personalised and applicable personal development.

Catalyst incorporates the Workplace, Productive Conflict, Agile EQ and Management profiles. As the most widely applicable profiles to any individual, this provides a customisable learning pathway that can be shaped and undertaken as needed.  Currently, Workplace and Agile EQ are available, with Productive Conflict and Management soon to come!

The result is a return-and-learn approach, which works to keep DiSC alive within organisations by embedding the DiSC language, making it highly engaging and accessible, providing multiple DiSC profiles for ongoing customised learning, and extensive personalisation. 

Facilitation is matched to the modular design of the Catalyst platform to allow facilitators to provide engaging group training sessions that can be easily customised to a range of time restraints, delivery method – face to face or virtual, and group sizes. 

In summary, Catalyst provides a unique opportunity to implement Everything DiSC in a way that is customised to not just the individual, but also to the entire organisation. 

For further details on Catalyst, you can contact us, visit our website here, or take a look at the platform for yourself via this interactive demo.     

Written by Samantha Pilz

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