Introducing the Culture Catalyst

What is it and why do we need it?  Well by culture we are referring to organisational culture which is arguably what makes a company what it is.  Organisational culture is a manifestation of the values, behaviours and expectations exhibited by staff and has a massive bearing on how individuals and organisations perform.  This is due to the effect of culture on factors such as staff retention, job satisfaction, performance and even a company’s reputation.  Our Culture Catalyst comes in the form of Everything DiSC® on Catalyst™ which is an online platform designed to incite meaningful and lasting change with regards to an organisations values, behaviours and expectations.  Catalyst takes the Everything DiSC profile and combines it with a modernised interactive platform that is personalised to each individual learner. This platform and its customised content takes participants on a journey through DiSC to a level of understanding that allows them to actively employ DiSC on an ongoing basis.

The ways in which DiSC affects culture is through developing awareness, creating a common language and increasing understanding and communication between individuals.  However to have a lasting impact this needs to be consistently applied on an ongoing basis.  Therefore, if DiSC is treated as a “one and done” scenario, which sadly it often is, then organisations are not going to see lasting change or meaningful cultural development.  This is where Everything DiSC® on Catalyst™ comes into play. 

How it works

Everything DiSC® on Catalyst™ creates a user-friendly guide to make the DiSC learning process a continual and applicable reference point during everyday interactions.  It presents a streamlined completion process, the ease of self-directed learning and personalised applications.

Catalyst begins this pathway by combining the four most universally applicable Everything DiSC profiles: Workplace, Productive Conflict, Agile EQ and Management into one survey that takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete from scratch, or 5-10 minutes if using existing data from a previous profile.  Leveraging off this momentum, participants receive immediate access to their personalised Catalyst platform and their first elected profile (which currently is Workplace). 

Then, down the track, when looking for next steps in a learner’s development, administrators can release further profiles as required without participants having to complete any additional surveys, and only paying for them when utilised. This creates a consistent method of delivery and encourages repeated use of the Catalyst platform by DiSC users.

From a Participant Perspective

Participants can view their profile online via a series of easy to navigate modules, which provide insights to their style, understanding of how they work, recognition of motivators and stressors and the principles of DiSC. Other resources available to participants include their Style podcast, tips for communication and how to work with specific individuals and styles, teachings on DiSC history and theory, educational videos to learn about the styles, and best of all, participants can compare and view their colleagues’ DiSC Styles in real-time. This is thanks to the creation of closed universe administration which groups individuals by organisation and allows learners to identify their own co-workers’ DiSC styles and access tips and strategies for how to improve their interactions.  

Catalyst presents efficiencies and advantages for learners, facilitators and administrators alike.  It is at every stage designed to continue the learning process and encourage a “return and learn” mentality.  Following on from the first welcome email to the modernised survey process, the personalised contents of profiles remain largely the same as the traditional Everything DiSC Workplace® profile you know and love. The difference is the reconfiguration of content to support the modular facilitation design and ensure seamless flow from one topic to the next. 

Facilitating Everything DiSC on Catalyst

The program is broken down into short modules designed for either virtual or face to face facilitation with activities adjusted to best cater for both experiences, creating a more variable approach for facilitators. This caters perfectly to the current trend of virtual work as enforced by COVID-19 and which is becoming far more prevalent in modern business.  

Modules can be used singularly or in conjunction with one another to create a customisable program easily tailored to your situation, group size, level of experience etc. Catalyst Facilitator Kits are also available as free updates to existing Everything DiSC Kits, with the Workplace Kit already available for download. 

Administrators are released from the responsibility of sending out multiple survey links for different profiles, generating and sending profiles and Comparison Reports, and granting access to post-session.  All the resources and information that was once available via a combination of profiles, and administrator generated reports is now available via Catalyst, essentially making it a “one-stop-shop”. This provides increased flexibility for participants, facilitators and administrators alike, and aims to address the growing trend for remote working arrangements, rapid business change and the societal expectation for instant gratification.

How is it Different?

  • Catalyst is a “closed universe” and only allows you to see others from your organisation, whereas was an “open universe” and learners could engage with any other DiSC user world-wide. 
  • Completion time is slightly longer.
  • Participants gain immediate and automatic access to their Catalyst Platform. 

While none of these are major changes, they are all adjustments that users should be aware of and prepared to consciously adopt.

To Wrap Up

Catalyst is paving the way for organisations to promote cultural change and develop their staff by providing a roadmap and putting learners in the driver’s seat of their own personal development journey. By giving participants the resources and access to further their knowledge and apply it to the every day, providing a flexible and modular facilitation model and removing the onus from the administrator, Catalyst really has something for everyone.  Contact us now and try it for yourself!

Anyone who has completed an Everything DiSC Workplace profile in the past is now eligible for a free Everything DiSC Workplace® on Catalyst™ upgrade until December 31, 2020. Contact us at to get started or have a read of our How-To Guide and give it a go for yourself. 

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