Catalyst Online Learning Platform

Take your Everything DiSC learning experience to a new level with Catalyst.

Catalyst is a new online learning platform designed to help organisations shape their culture by equipping people with the social and emotional skills needed for more effective interactions at work. Catalyst takes participants through the Everything DiSC® assessment experience and provides them with their own online account containing their Everything DiSC Workplace® profile, insights, videos, podcasts, comparisons and more. It provides a defined pathway for continued learning and use of DiSC. 


How does Everything DiSC on Catalyst™ Work?

The Everything DiSC assessment

Learners complete the Everything DiSC Assessment for Everything DiSC Workplace, Productive Conflict, Agile EQ & Management all in one go via a new, highly modernised platform. This builds the DiSC pathway and removes the need for future assessments.

Catalyst™ – your personalised learning platform

Learners receive immediate access to their Catalyst Platform to learn about their DiSC Style and profile, engage in self-directed learning, compare their DiSC style to their colleagues and get tips for more effective interactions in real-time.

Flexible Facilitation

Flexible Facilitation is delivered virtually or in-person via five clear learning modules that can be approached singularly or in conjunction. This modular design caters to modern learning and is easily customised to meet a wider range of requirements such as time, delivery method or group-size.

Upgrade to Workplace on Catalyst™


Free Upgrade

until 31st December 2022

Use your existing Everything DiSC Workplace Profile to kick off your Catalyst experience.

  • Experience the platform for yourself
  • No cost to upgrade
  • 15 credits for new learners

Free Upgrade

Have an Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitation Kit? You can Upgrade for free to the Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst.

Use your kit’s serial number to access the free upgrade from the product registration site.

Otherwise, contact us to purchase your Workplace Facilitator kit for $1,600+GST and receive access to both versions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Participants complete the Everything DiSC® Assessment consisting of Everything DiSC Workplace, Management, Agile EQ and Productive Conflict survey questions via the new interactive and modernised Catalyst platform.  They then gain access to each of these profiles (as released by the EPIC administrator) via their own personal Catalyst Platform where they can engage in self-directed learning, compare their DiSC style to their colleagues and get tips for more effective interactions in real time.

Yes, the survey questions remain the same however, participants respond to questions on all four Everything DiSC® profiles at once. The assessment includes the base DiSC questions, plus those used to measure Workplace priorities, Productive Conflict priorities, Management priorities, and Agile EQ mindsets. As a result, learners will not have to take new items when they are given access to future Catalyst content (when additional content becomes available).

No, the participant will still have to answer more application-specific questions. Since participants are completing four profiles upfront, even using existing data from one profile, they will still have questions to answer, completion time will just be shortened.

The full Everything DiSC on Catalyst™ assessment will take about 20-30 minutes to complete. If using existing data from a past Everything DiSC® experience it will take 10 minutes to complete.

Yes. Participants receive their results instantaneously upon completing the survey. You will see in EPIC that when sending out the links that the view section is automatically set to “yes”.

Yes, learner accounts can be deleted, or you can remove a participant’s access to the platform but maintain the record in EPIC (recommended) or you can transfer profiles to a new account.

Immediately relevant and applicable, Catalyst acts as a personalised, on-demand single access point for learners to call on throughout their DiSC® journey. Contextualised learning allows participants to apply what they learn with their colleagues and more easily come back to DiSC to help achieve lasting behaviour change.

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