3 Dec 2021 | Intégro’s year kicked off with a return to the office in early January, after Christmas and New Year’s breaks that were sadly spent in lockdown due to the Northern Beaches COVID-19 outbreak. It was lovely to catch up as a team and we quickly got into the swing of things, getting back into our monthly webinars, blogs and short courses, as well as the day to day support and customer engagement that our S style dominated team enjoys so much.

We also created an Events page for our website so that you can easily see our planned webinars, certifications, and short courses for the upcoming months. Check it out and see what you might like to schedule into your calendar for next year. We will be continuing with our online short courses for Everything DiSC Productive Conflict, Management and Agile EQ, which provide you with the opportunity to try the profile for yourself and engage in a two to three-hour virtual facilitation.

It was again a year of (mostly) virtual facilitation, and our online Everything DiSC® Certification courses in particular took off with such high demand that we had constant waiting lists and scheduled an additional four courses throughout the year.

Five Behaviors™ Accreditation was also available via online learning and it was great to see so many new faces becoming accredited and adding this tool to their toolbelt. With both the Team Development and Personal Development profiles available to choose from, there is a solution for every organisation, no matter how big or small in the Five Behaviors suite.

However, potentially most exciting of all was the launch of our online DiSC Refresher course, which is available to anyone who has been certified with us since 2009 and who would like to bring themselves up to date on the changes and new releases that have become available to Everything DiSC® in recent years. The first session was well received and there will be further Refresher courses to come in December and March. If you are wanting to bring yourself up to speed or just looking for a confidence boost with your knowledge, contact us today to find out more.

Within the PXT Select product range, we are excited to announce a new addition; CheckPoint 360, a 360-degree feedback tool that not only looks at behavioural qualities but also skill, as reported on by a full range of raters. This survey includes a Favorable Zone where high performers tend to fall, and comparison reports so you can check back in on a leader’s progress 12 – 18 months later. Our favourite feature is the Critical Skills Alignment page, imagine the discussions this page would evoke!

From June to November, we once again returned to working from home arrangements, along with the rest of broader NSW, as a result of another COVID outbreak.  As is the case with many other companies, however, we were well used to working from home and the transition was far less disruptive this time around.  The team engaged in and supported each other throughout August as we took part in our own self-development challenges, we were given a day off for self-care during September and took part in a fun virtual team bonding exercise later in September, facilitated by the Be Challenged team in their “Big Buzz” trivia game.

During the year, we have seen a strong uptake in certification for our three Culture diagnostic tools.  These tools provide valuable and researched information for the organisation, the team, and the individual on how well trust is being developed in the business. Creating a culture of trust is the key to keeping a workforce engaged in what they do, and passionate about the organisation they work for, both fundamental in growing a high-performance business. Our Trust Inside Assessments are powerful diagnostic tools to enable a business to see exactly how their ‘people’ business is fairing and enable clear action steps to build a high performing culture that can traverse the many changes experienced in our work environments.  Very relevant now while we are working our way through the challenges COVID has brought upon us.   

Even as the year begins to wrap up we are still seeing continual developments- it has just been announced that Everything DiSC Management will be released on Catalyst on December 9th so keep an eye out for upcoming updates on when you will be able to access this and everything you need to know!  On the subject of Everything DiSC on Catalyst, we are also pleased to share that the free upgrade to Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst has been extended to December 2022 for all existing DiSC users.

CEO Keith Ayers published his latest e-book, Demystifying DiSC, which is available to purchase on Kindle via Amazon HERE.  If you are looking to further enforce your DiSC knowledge or just get a better understanding of the model and how to explain it to others, take a look.

As we move on from another challenging and rewarding year, we look forward to 2022, and although we are sure there will be many more challenges to come, we will continue to navigate these with you as we learn and grow. From all of us here at Intégro, Happy Holidays!