The new Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™ Profile Shows You How

In the corporate world, the agile work environment has become a hot topic of conversation.

What Is an Agile Organisation?

An agile or change-ready organisation is an organisation that can quickly adapt to changing circumstances; it is ready for anything. It can respond instantaneously to changing customer demands. The agile organisation innovates rapidly and immediately tailors products and services to new customer needs.

What this means for employees is that they need to be more agile and flexible themselves – mentally!

This is Where the Agile EQ Profile Comes In

DiSC is a needs-driven behavioural model – people use the behaviours they do because of the psychological needs that are satisfied by that behaviour. For example, the Conscientiousness or “C” style has an outstanding need for “correctness”, so they are detail-oriented, analytical, focus on facts not feelings and have high standards.

In the Agile EQ Profile that translates into a C style person naturally using an Objective mindset – separating facts from emotions and keeping the discussion focused on logic.

But what if the situation requires this person to reach out with compassion and understand the other person’s emotional needs and be supportive of them – an empathising mindset.

To capitalise on the benefits of an agile workplace and create a collaborative, stimulating and creative culture will require all team members to be more agile and use a variety of different mindsets.

To do this effectively team members learn to create a mental model of what they need to do to use another mindset and practice adapting their behaviour to make it happen.

Agile EQ Facilitation Materials

Wiley have created a half-day learning experience that guides participants through the process of understanding their own natural mindsets, learning about the mindsets that don’t come naturally and how to adapt to use those mindsets when they are appropriate.

There are excellent videos that illustrate what happens when team members get stuck in their natural mindset, and how they went through the thought process to adapt to use a different one.

How is the Agile EQ Profile Different to Other EQ Assessments?

Agile EQ does not measure emotional intelligence competencies. Agile emotional intelligence is the ability to read the emotional and interpersonal needs of a situation and be able to respond appropriately.

The foundation of the Agile EQ model involves two concepts: mindsets and agility. The mindsets represent specific social and emotional competencies that are correlated with the Everything DiSC® model. Agility is the ability to recognise the need for a specific mindset in a given situation and act accordingly.

The Everything DiSC Agile EQ Profile provides participants with a personalised report giving valuable insights that help them increase their emotional intelligence and take a more agile approach to workplace interactions. The assessment can be used as a powerful one-on-one coaching tool or debriefed in a group workshop using the robust facilitation kit to support your facilitation of this content.

Written by Keith Ayers
CEO Intégro Learning Company

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