EPIC – Electronic Profile Information Centre

EPIC (Electronic Profile Information Centre)

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What is EPIC used for?

EPIC is the web-based platform that supports Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviors of Cohesive Team products. EPIC allows you to administer access codes for online assessments, monitor report completion, and manage and print profile reports—from anywhere in the world.

Customised to meet your needs

Once someone completes an assessment, EPIC scores and generates a personalised profile right away. You have the option to allow people to view their profiles immediately after they complete an assessment, or you can print the reports and reveal the results in person instead. You can also invite participants to the co-branded MyEverythingDiSC.com learner engagement website, where they can view additional information about their DiSC® styles and generate comparisons themselves.

If you’d like to set up your own EPIC account, please contact us on 1800 222 902 or email support@www.integro.com.au