A DiSC profile is the result of an online survey where participants answer a series of questions, scoring on a five-point scale of strongly disagree to strongly agree, as to how well each statement describes them. This produces a highly personalised profile that identifies and explains their DiSC style. This style encompasses their behavioural patterns, preferred modes of action and how they are likely to interact with other personality types. In a standard DiSC assessment, there are 12 distinct behavioural styles that fall into four categories:

Your DiSC profile explained

There are many differentiating behavioural traits between D, i, S and C, and Everything DiSC is able to dive into this in great depth, however, to provide an introduction, the four quadrants are as follows:

  • Dominance — A D style personality desires to win and achieve results in all endeavours. It closely aligns with an alpha personality type. While all personality types identified by a DiSC profile may achieve great success in their chosen field, a D style personality differs in the way they are likely to approach achieving this success. Awareness of the behavioural patterns and tendencies of a D style personality is useful in developing strategies to optimise their working environment for success.
  • Influence — An i personality type is driven by the desire for recognition by their peers and typically performs better in a team environment. They flourish in a group environment and fear ostracisation or any other form of rejection from people whose opinions they value. People with an i profile will use their optimistic approach to life and positivity to influence the thoughts and actions of others. They are often perceived as warm and magnetic by their peers and have a natural ability to make friends in a wide variety of social and professional environments.
  • Steadiness — Someone with an S style is likely to enjoy working in close cooperation with others to achieve their objectives. They are typically calm and supportive of friends and colleagues, consistent in their approach to life and able to exercise great patience when faced with difficulties. A DiSC profile S personality indicates someone who prefers a stable environment rather than constantly changing circumstances. They are predictable in the way they perform tasks and take a consistent approach in the workplace when they are familiar with their responsibilities and their co-workers. Known more for their listening ability, they will spend little time talking about their concerns unless they are relevant to the task at hand.
  • Conscientiousness — C style individuals are usually focused on performing to the best of their abilities at all times and on demonstrating their prowess in their chosen field. To achieve their goals, they are keen to acquire new knowledge and challenge existing beliefs when they believe there is a better way to do something. Logic is used to problem-solve issues that arise when performing a task and diplomacy to convince others of their way of thinking. Their conscientious personality means they place great value on the accuracy of the work they perform and hold both themselves and others to high standards at all times.

Everything DiSC personality profiles explained

An Everything DiSC personality assessment can identify personality types that are a blend of the broader types explained above. Someone who is a Di, for example, exhibits character traits and behavioural patterns associated with both Dominance and Influence types, but this is also a style in itself and more complex than just a blend of two other styles. Therefore all Everything DiSC profiles also include an index that dives into each of the twelve styles to assist with a deeper knowledge of the nuances and preferences of all twelve behavioural styles.