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Training Aids

  • Card Games - QuikDiSC ( for up to 20 people)

    QuikDiSC is a card game that introduces learners to DiSC and increases training effectiveness. QuikDiSC cards are divided into four colour-coded groups of 32 cards, with four sets of eight words that describe D, i, S, or C behaviours. It is a great warm-up card game to introduce people to the concept of DiSC and DiSC training.

  • DiSC Theory Poster

    Describes the underlying theory of DiSC as a needs-driven behavioural model.

  • DiSC-in-Depth

    The DiSC-in-Depth cards were developed as an exercise to challenge people's knowledge on the differences between the four Dimensions of DiSC. They also help people understand the more subtle differences in styles, particularly between D and i, and S and C. DiSC-in-Depth cards are an ideal companion to the Demystifying DiSC eBook.

  • People Reading and Interaction Guides

    Intégro has a variety of support materials to help improve DiSC comprehension in the post-training environment for managers, sales people and individuals. These include quick "how-to" people reading guides, as well as guides for understanding the unique differences among each of the four DiSC styles.

  • People Skills Poster

    The People Skills Model is at the core of Integro’s work with our clients. Whether you are a leader, a team member, a sales or customer service person, your success is dependent on your ability to build positive relationships with people. Our research has shown that those who succeed Build Trust, Solve (people) Problems, Facilitate Change and Satisfy Needs. This model also incorporates the Whole Person Concept because applying these four skills requires an awareness of what aspect of self is involved in applying the skill.

  • Personal Responsibility Poster

    Explains why some people are responsible and accountable while others are not.

  • The Change Cycles Poster

    Shows how people respond to change, whether they see it as an opportunity or a threat.

  • The Intégro Trust Model Poster

    The four behaviours that build trust and the values that drive these behaviours.

  • The Whole Person Concept Poster

    Why people behave the way they do. Also known as the “iceberg model”.

  • Trust with DiSC Poster

    The strengths and challenges of the DiSC styles in using the behaviours that build trust.


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