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Intégro’s Everything DiSC Starter Packs are the most simple and easy way to get started using Everything DiSC profiles.

The starter packs are quite versatile. You have your choice of any one of the four Everything DiSC facilitation kits based on your own DiSC requirements, enough credits to get your first group of people profiled, two different card sets to help reinforce training in the classroom, and a copy of Intégro Founder Keith E. Ayers’ ebook Demystifying DiSC: How to Understand the DiSC Behavioural Model and Explain it to Others.

Starter Pack contents:

  • 1 x Everything DiSC Facilitation kit of your choice
  • 200 EPIC credits
  • 1 x DiSC-in-Depth card game
  • 1 x QuikDiSC card game
  • Demystifying DiSC ebook by Keith E. Ayers.


For more information, talk to one of our staff for more details.

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