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Intégro's DiSC Accreditation training will equip you with the knowledge, understanding and tools you need to use Everything DiSC personal profiles in a wide variety of training, coaching and consulting applications.

DiSC accreditation training gives you a thorough understanding of the Everything DiSC behavioural model - the history of its development, validity and reliability, the administration process for online profiles, and how to interpret the results of the various Everything DiSC profiles and reports.

Intégro teaches Everything DiSC holistically, giving you an understanding of how it can be used to increase emotional intelligence and behavioural adaptability - the ability to respond more quickly and effectively to change.

Intégro exclusively uses Wiley's Everything DiSC personal profiles in DiSC accreditation and training. The Wiley profiles are the most valid and reliable DiSC products on the market. Wiley is at the forefront of research and development in the application of behavioural sciences in the workplace and has published validation reports for all of its profiles. See our research reports for more info.

Course Details

Our Professionally facilitated courses are fun, intuitive and you will learn all there is to know about the widely acclaimed range of Everything DiSC behavioural instruments. The DiSC Accreditation is a full two day course enabling you to:

  • - Become proficient in Everything DiSC application, administration and reporting in your workplace
  • - Be able to present the Everything DiSC theory model and use the Everything DiSC facilitation systems and application libraries
  • - Develop people-reading skills
    - Acquire skills in electronic and interactive Everything DiSC including MyEverything DiSC
  • - Attain ability to produce and apply your own Everything DiSC training plans
  • - Understand the validity and reliability of the new Everything DiSC Circumplex profiles
  • - Practice in workplace application of skills



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