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The Intégro public accreditation is intuitive, straightforward, and fun.

Here are the essentials:

  • Run in most capital cities throughout Australia, throughout the year
  • Two days of training

And the outcomes:

  • Become proficient in DiSC application, administration and reporting in your workplace
  • Be able to present the DiSC theory model and use the Everything DiSC® facilitation system and application libraries
  • Develop people-reading skills
  • Acquire skills in electronic and interactive DiSC
  • Attain ability to produce and apply your own DiSC training plans
  • Understand validity, reliability and norms for the new DiSC Circumplex profiles

If you'd like some more details on public accreditation, here's a PDF brochure with public accreditation dates, as well as pricing and other important info. Or simply, get started by registering today.


DiSC Accreditation Feedback

“This has been of even more value than I had anticipated as I can use the principles within the classroom as soon as my next workshop, and have the confidence of a more effective outcome.” Dorothy, Commonwealth Bank.

“The facilitator had a very nice style; told excellent stories; and wasn’t afraid to gently challenge when necessary. Overall, very impressed and I am generally very hard to please.” Emi, Theiss.

“Loved it! Right up my alley! It was great to be in an open environment of sharing.” Stephanie, REA Group.

“This was great as an introduction and there is a lot of potential for use. I found the various reports provided were very comprehensive and detailed and very good. Better than other organizations reports.” Candice, ANZ.

“I love profiling. Behavioural traits fascinate me and I can apply everything I have learned in my workplace. Very helpful, thank you!” Martin, Swinburne University.

“Excellent session and great to have someone so knowledgeable facilitate us. Lots of good tips gained on DiSC and how to facilitate it.” Joanne, Colgate-Palmolive.

“This has been one of the best courses I have ever been to. I learned so much and more than I thought. Thank you!” Margaret, Margaret Jolly Consulting.

“Can’t wait to use it on a team to help them get to know each other better” Megan ASIC.

“Loved everything about it. Can’t wait to run my next session – really believe in the great opportunities this can bring to my organization” Nichole, Westpac.

“Thank you for the session and making it enjoyable by all the interactions, discussions an story telling” Nikki, NAB.

“I really enjoyed the two days and feel I have learned a lot. Looking forward to putting the theory learned into practice.” Ying, MLC.

“Very informative, really enjoyed it and can see how the tool adds value” Claire, Sydney Water.


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