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Intégro Learning Company’s purpose statement is “to enrich peoples’ lives”, providing a fundamental increase in self-awareness, which leads to improved relationships and productivity. 

Our focus is to provide a gateway into the exploration of DiSC assessments, their various applications and how individuals can get practical value out of the most advanced, reliable DiSC products on the market. 

Intégro operates by these values:

Creativity - We create innovative space for people to grow

Customer Focus - We focus on delivering the best solution for our clients specific needs

Our People - We Listen, We Learn & We Deliver

Trust - Our Team @ Intégro believe & trust in each other to create a successful and fun future

Quality- We are proud of the quality of the products & services we deliver

Our Brand

Our drive is to enrich peoples’ lives through interpersonal growth, creating more effective relationships and improving communication. And what carries this message to market is the Intégro brand.

  • The Intégro name comes from two words combined: Interpersonal Growth.
    The accent over the ‘e’ is used to highlight the marriage between these two words.

  • Our logo (below) has two circular shapes. These have been designed to resemble two parties, and the area that overlaps represents the harmonious connection that Intégro assists people to make.

  • The use of green as our corporate colour represents relationships, organic growth and youthful vibrance.


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